Too Cute for Words


Bad Blogger

I’ve been a horrible, no good, very bad blogger lately. I swear I haven’t forgotten about this little blog of mind, just been a bit too busy enjoying the lazy days of summer to open up my laptop. I’ve been working on lots of projects lately that I promise to share soon! I swear I’ll get back to being a good blogger soon…

Picture Perfect Vacation

I cannot say enough about how much fun we had up north last week. It was so beautiful, perfect weather, peaceful and as relaxing as a vacation can possibly get. It was just what the doctor ordered.Maggie got to do some frog hunting,licked a bunch of fish (I know, gross, but she loves it so what can you do…),served as our faithful captain,and just loved life in general. And I know what you’re thinking about the life jacket but trust me, she sinks. For real.We caught lots of fish with a record of 18 northerns in one day, although they weren’t quite as interesting as the clam we reeled in.I spent lots of time reading with an amazing view,and learned how to sailwhich may very well be my new passion in life. Seriously fun and relaxing.At the end of the day, the only bad part of our vacation was having to come home.

Recently Smashed

I got a little behind on my Smash Book in June, what with my spending all my time outside and all, but I got it all caught up so we’re good to go for July. I actually remembered to save a menu from the BBQ joint we ate at last weekend (which by the way is incredibly delicious and comes with an awesome view so if you live nearby, go eat at Hook’s in White Bear!). As I spend less time scrapping and more time outside enjoying the summer, this is becoming more and more a great way to quickly keep up with all of my pictures. And when fall rolls around and I’m ready to cozy up with my scrappy supplies it will be easy to page through this and see what I want to go back and scrap full pages of. It’s the perfect summer scrapbook project!

Minnesota Summers

Minnesota summers are the best, filled with bike rides,lakesBBQand critters. Wait, maybe not so much these critters. But seriously, has anyone seen a spider like this before because I’m pretty much certain that it’s deadly. Because it’s white. And spiders aren’t supposed to be white. Sooooo…..