Nothing Like It

There’s nothing quite like Duluth in the fall. The crisp air, the smell of pine trees, the beautiful colors on the trees. It’s one of my favorite places to be.As an end note, I would like to once again profess my undying love for my iPhone, without which none of these pictures would exist. And also a shoutout to Apple for adding the sweet panorama function to the new update that is responsible for the last picture. Couldn’t have had better timing.


New Toy

After my kit lens for my Rebel bit the dust last January, I spent hours and hours trying to decide what to replace it with. What I really wanted was the Tamron 18-200mm lens that I have been lusting after for the past 5 years or so. But my frugal side said just buy a used kit lens, and my anxious side said I needed to have the kit lens because it was what I knew (even though I am well aware that the kit lens is less than great, it’s just all I’ve ever had). This was the mindset I walked into National Camera Exchange with. What I walked out with was a brand new Tamron 18-200mm lens.And lets just say I am in love. This lens is going to make shooting with my big camera a whole new experience and I am already having so much fun playing with it. It ended up costing just a little bit more than the used kit lens after the mail in rebates, but was brand new, with a 6 year warranty, and has opened up a whole new world to my camera while easily covering everything the kit lens could do.Now of course after talking to the sales guy though I realize what I really need next is a 50mm fixed lens. Good thing I have a birthday and Christmas coming up! 😉


We’ve been taking lots of long walks through the neighborhoodwith the occasional rest in the shade because it’s so darn hot (you know, like 80 degrees. Somebody’s a bit of wimp…) We’ve been spending time at home relaxing from those relaxing walksand working on projects around the house, like spray painting furniture and sanding tables.And we’ve been spending quality time on the porch swing reading a good book (Rules of Civility if anyone’s interested).

All in all, it’s been a week spent the just way summer is intended to be spent.

A Few Extras

Just a few extra pictures that were sitting on my phone waiting to be shared.This picture just cracks me up. I love feet pictures, but they’re even better when they include a pair of horse feet 😉It’s not the fanciest saddle in the world but it is super duper comfy!I love her face. So pretty and sweet.Sharing the sunshine.My poor dirty Jeep finally all waxed up and beautiful again.Maggie needed a nap after working very hard to clean up the inside of the Jeep.When I headed out for a walk the sun was shining. When I returned, this was right behind me. Talk about good timing!

This concludes the most random picture post ever.


Just a few totally random pictures to share today.My ridiculously adorable niece Stella is taking lessons at the barn. I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to watch her learn to ride Cupcake.We have a new baby at the barn and she is adorable!Told you it was going to be random. Hope y’all are having an excellent weekend!

A Great Day

Our zoo visit wasn’t our only adventure while in Duluth last week. We packed all kinds of fun into our free half day! That’s right, we know how to maximize the fun, it’s just how we roll.We took Maggie for a nice long walk along the Lake Superior beach.This beach just never gets old to me. It may not be quite as warm and wonderful as the ocean but it’s as close as I can get without boarding a plane. And it is pretty darn beautiful if I do say so myself. Maggie’s a pretty big fan as well.There are just so many wonderful things to explore!And curious tracks to follow.But my favorite part is my walking partner 😉 We’ve been exploring this beach together for 11 years now and it never loses it’s magic.After the beach we headed to our favorite little restaurant in Duluth, Va Bene. Absolutely delicious food with an amazing view. Safe to say we made up for any calories we burned off while walking the zoo and beach, and then some. And last, but certainly not least, some ice cream. And that my friends is how you turn a little free time on a work trip into a great day 🙂