Scrappin’ Mexico

I’ve been working away on my scrapbook for Mexico and I am having so much fun with it! I decided to go with a smaller scale plan this time around and I’m loving it. I bought a binder from Staples from the Martha Stewart line that measures about 6×8. I’m using a variety of sizes for the pages, some baseball card holder pages, and some pages made up of 2 4×6 photo holders taken from an old photo album. It’s a lot of fun playing with all the different sizes and I’m getting to “borrow” inspiration from all those gorgeous Project Life albums out there.


Catching Up

All of our travels and adventures over the past few months have meant lots of picture taking but very little time for getting those pictures scrapped. But I am slowly but surely catching up, at least with my Smash Book. I’ve got quite a ways to go in my regular scrapbook, soon to be even further behind after our trip to Mexico! One of the nice things about making the Smash Book this year is that even if I do get a bit behind in my scrapbooking, I have kept track of everything we’ve done in this book so it’ll be easy to go back and remember what I want to scrap. The downside to this though is it does start to feel a bit repetitive. I’ve decided next year I’ll skip the Smash Book and use 4×6 pages for the little pictures that I want to print but don’t necessarily want to make an entire page around. That’s my plan for now anyways.I am really glad that I did the Smash Book though. It’s been a fun project and I think I’ll love looking back on it. I just feel it’ll be a bit redundant two years in a row. So those are my thoughts up to this date anyways. Having a camera always at my disposal means I have lots of pictures so I do need a home for them. I just think it’ll be fun to change it up next year. We’ll see though, I may be addicted to smashing… 😉

Wedding Smash Book Take 1

After working like crazy the last few weeks on my sister’s bachelorette party, which was so much fun by the way, I can finally share my top secret projects. First up, the start of the Smash Book I’m making for my sister. And can I just say I love the K&Company Wedding Smash Folio is awesome, filled with fun colors and pages, instead of the typical pastels and flowers. It’s so much fun to work with!I wanted to give the book to my sister now so that she could pass on anything she may want included in it. It’s going to be so fun to fill it up with all the great wedding stuff coming up! I already have a pile of pictures to add from her showers and the bachelorette party. I’m a busy maid of honor! 🙂

Recently Smashed

I got a little behind on my Smash Book in June, what with my spending all my time outside and all, but I got it all caught up so we’re good to go for July. I actually remembered to save a menu from the BBQ joint we ate at last weekend (which by the way is incredibly delicious and comes with an awesome view so if you live nearby, go eat at Hook’s in White Bear!). As I spend less time scrapping and more time outside enjoying the summer, this is becoming more and more a great way to quickly keep up with all of my pictures. And when fall rolls around and I’m ready to cozy up with my scrappy supplies it will be easy to page through this and see what I want to go back and scrap full pages of. It’s the perfect summer scrapbook project!

Summer Slow Down

Summer.(Image from this website)

My poor little blog has been rather neglected over the last week and I have no excuse other than it’s summer and I’m feeling very little motivation to sit in front of the computer. Well, that and a week long headache. I suppose that counts for something. But I think it’s safe to say I won’t be quite as consistent around here for the next few months. So don’t think I forgot about y’all! I’m just busy swinging on the patio swing and soaking in the summer. I do have a little bit of scrappiness to share today.Hope y’all are enjoying summer as well!


Seeing as it’s now the final day of May I thought it just might be time to share my              12 of 12 layout for May.

Once again, sorry for the fuzzy pictures. If you click on it it’s just fine but on here it’s blurry. Darn you WordPress!!!And a new smashbook page. I’m still keeping up with my smashbook so I’m pretty proud of myself for that. I was worried that I would get sick of it after awhile and that it would become a chore to keep up with but nope, still love it.