Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July filled with relaxation and keeping cool!That’s my plan anyways 🙂



A few more scrappy shares for you today. I’ve been riding the creativity wave!“Sweet Summer”“Cowgirl Roots”



verb: indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events

Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to my uncle Roger. It was a hard day, saying goodbye to a beloved family member who should have had so many good years left. But it was also a wonderful day filled with shared memories and time spent treasuring family that we don’t see as much as we should. So in honor of my uncle, I share my favorite story from the day yesterday as well as one of my own treasured memories.

By all accounts the church was quite hot the day of my uncle Jerry’s wedding. So hot in fact that my uncle Roger (last guy on the right) passed out while standing in the wedding. My father, the mischievous looking little guy in the front, thought he was dead and proceeded to pass out right along with him. What I wouldn’t give for a video of this wedding. It was clearly a memorable moment as several people talked about it over the day yesterday.

Most of my favorite memories with my uncle involve fishing. He used to take my cousin Jake and I fishing when we were kids and it is without a doubt the reason I enjoy fishing so much to this day. A couple years ago the whole family headed up to Roger’s resort for Labor Day and spent a few days floating around the beautiful lake catching fish. I managed to score this northern (my uncle is the proud looking guy behind me in the picture), easily the highlight of my fishing career thus far. It was only appropriate that I catch my monster fish with my uncle, without whom I may never have learned to fish and love it in the first place.

Yesterday was a sad day and Roger will be dearly missed. But I am thankful for the wonderful memories I have and a day filled with reminiscing.

Printing iPhone Pictures

I’ve been asked several times over the last few months how I print my iPhone pictures so I thought the best thing to do would be to write a post describing my method. Bear with me as I’m not much of a teacher, but I’ll do my best.

I use Photoshop Elements for my editing software and I have an Epson photo printer (the R260) that I’ve had for about 4 years now that I am still very happy with. My one complaint is that the ink is very expensive and generic ink doesn’t work so there’s no way around the cost. The ink does seem to last quite a while though and I’m pretty sure that a printer with cheaper ink wouldn’t last quite as long so it all probably equals out in the end. That’s what I tell myself when I have to make a major purchase each time I run out of ink anyways… I did notice that Staples offers $2 back per used ink cartridge which adds up when you need to buy 6 ink cartridges so I think I’ll be going there from now on! I learned my lesson the hard way buying cheaper “genuine Epson Ink” on Amazon so be very careful if you consider doing the same. The photo paper I bought on Amazon seems to be pretty good though.

Alright, on to the nitty gritty details. Once in Photoshop, I open a blank document the size of the photo paper I plan to print on. My preferred size is 8.5×11 but if I don’t have enough pictures for it I will do a smaller size. I like to keep a package of 4×6 paper on hand and I also save the leftovers when I print a page but don’t fill it up. Always make sure the resolution is set to 300 inches/pixel. Those little scraps are nice to have when I just want to print one or two small pictures.

Next up I open all of the pictures that I want to print. For my Smash book, I typically print 2×2 or 2×3. If it’s a more “important” picture I’ll make it 3×3. For my scrapbook I print in a variety of sizes but rarely anything bigger than 4×6. To change the size of the pictures you go to Image>Resize>Image Resize (or shortcut ctrl+alt+I). Make sure it’s on inches and that Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are checked. Enter either your width or height and the other will change accordingly. Then change the resolution to 300 (pixels/inch).

Next you want to select the image (ctrl+a) and then copy (ctrl+c). Double click on you blank page and paste (ctrl+v). I like to add several pictures to get the most of my paper so I will resize, copy and then paste several and then move them into place.For those of you who don’t have a photo printer at home, I have heard wonderful things about the PostalPix app that allows you to send pictures off to print straight from your phone. Another option would be to use the same method I use, save the image as a jpeg file and send it off to an online printing service. I personally like to use Walmart, Snapfish or Shutterfly. The most cost effective way to use these services for smaller pictures would be to put them on a 4×6 canvas. You could do 6 2x2s or 2 3x3s which wouldn’t be too pricey at all with their prices!

I hope this helps any of you who were asking for the information! I’m sure there are much better tutorials out there but I thought I’d give it a whirl since so many of you have asked 🙂






The last few months have been tough around here. We’ve faced job frustrations, death, health troubles… The list of worries that have been weighing us down is rather long and we have been praying like crazy.

But yesterday finally brought some answered prayers. After two years of working his butt off to turn around the hemorrhaging territory he walked into Justin finally hit budget! It has been a giant uphill battle that has definitely been wearing us down lately. When he accepted the job two years ago he was assured the territory was ready to explode. He had already turned around a horrible territory at his previous job and wasn’t looking for a repeat experience. But once he stepped into his new job he quickly realized that the territory was actually ready to implode after sitting without a sales rep for 18 months. He has worked so hard and kept such a great attitude through this all and I could not possible be prouder of him.

And as if that wasn’t enough good news for one day, the afternoon brought the awesome news that the big account that he has been working on for over a year is finally ready to start implementing his product and is placing their very first order. This account has been unbelievably stressful so to finally have all the hard work and worry pay off is like a gust of fresh air through our house.

To say that yesterday was a good day in our house would be a giant understatement. We are jumping for joy around here and it feels amazing!

Hold Them Close

Last week I learned that my uncle will not be with us for much longer. After a year long fight with cancer this news wasn’t a complete shock, but it stings none the less. I headed two hours south on Sunday to visit my family and spend time with my uncle for a few days. It was time very well spent. I’ll share more about my little trip soon and I am working on sorting through my thoughts and emotions from the last few weeks in hopes of sharing them with you soon. But for now, I leave you with this; hold them close. I have hugged two family members for the last time over the last 3 weeks and the one clear thought that I am left with is “hold them close.” Make memories, collect stories, spend time with the ones you love. If I have gained anything from the last month it is a renewed sense of love, family, memories, and the importance of holding them close.


A Beautiful Ending

Let’s start with a fun fact. This is the church (and school) that my mother attended as a child. Parts of it remain completely unchanged since my mom was a child which makes it a little like stepping into a time capsule. These are the kinds of things that I love. Must be the history lover in me.

It is also the church where my grandma’s funeral was held on Tuesday. It was one of the nicest funerals I’ve ever attended, and I have been to more than my fair share. The eulogies that my mom, aunt and uncle gave were beautiful, filled with great memories and love. At the end of my uncle’s eulogy he played a recording of my grandma singing with her band as a young woman. It was easily the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced at a funeral. To hear her beautiful voice as we were gathered together to celebrate her life was simply awesome. I was also so moved by the way that my family and the priest addressed her history of mental illness. She was a victim of postpartum depression at a time when no one understood it, which meant none of the therapies we have for new moms today were available to her. They did such a wonderful job of talking about what a struggle it was for her, but more importantly what an incredible survivor she was through it all. Her story, and my grandparents marriage, is such an inspiration to me and I was so happy to hear them celebrate that.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, but at the end of the day you can’t ask for a better ending than this. A chance to say goodbye to all of the people you love and a beautiful funeral filled with good memories and love after you’ve gone. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful life.