Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a short work week, we will be filling our bellies with delicousness in a few days, spending time with our loved ones, and we all reminded of all that we have to be grateful for. So to kick off one of my favorite weeks of the year, a few pictures of some adorable “kittens” from our recent trip to the zoo. Hope you enjoy!

Any of you living near the MN Zoo, I highly recommend you high tail it over there so you can visit the adorable little guys before they get too big!


Mexico Take 2

The second leg of our trip was spent in the Old Town area of Puerto Vallarta. We had an incredible condo up in the hills with a private pool, stunning view, and walls that opened up. It was every bit as awesome as I had hoped! We fell in love with the town. It was so beautiful and the people there were delightful. It was our first experience staying in a residential area and I really really loved the experience. I felt like I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and was experiencing a different country for the first time. Definitely an addicting feeling. We spent our time with my dad who stayed in adorable little hotel two blocks from the beach. The three of us had a fabulous Mexican adventure. But more on that next time, today I’ll just share the pictures from around town 🙂

Mexico Take 1

Alright, I know I said yesterday that I’m going to try to do more than just share pictures around here but I can’t skip over our trip to Mexico! I’m going to keep it simple though and just share pictures, not go in to depth about every little detail, cause I have a problem with doing that and burning myself out. Seriously, I kill myself with my self-imposed rules!!!

Anyways, our trip was absolutely amazing. We got in a day later than we were supposed to due to some flight delays which was rather stressful, but all’s well that ends well. We got there just in time to get ready for the wedding and scored some fabulous vouchers which will be enabling us to fly for free on another vacation in the near future so not too shabby, now that I’m not stuck in Dallas anyways. But I digress. Puerto Vallarta was incredibly beautiful. The mountains, the jungle, the ocean… Just breathtaking. We spent two days at the resort where my sister’s wedding was held. The resort was fabulous and we had a great couple days celebrating with family and friends, swimming in the ocean, jetskiing, releasing baby turtles. It was perfect. So without further adieu, the pictures from the first leg of our trip.

Fun With Planes

A few weeks ago we headed to the Duluth Air Show with our neighbors/friends. It was freezing but so worth the frozen toes!I got to check out a C-130 (the plane my dad was on in Vietnam)but I have to say my heart still belongs to the old bombers. Maybe it’s the history nerd in me but I think they’re gorgeous.We had our eardrums rumbled by some serious jets, much to my husbands glee, and watched the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.They were absolutely, heart stoppingly amazing. Seriously, I have no idea how they didn’t fly into each other. My husband may have made me watch too many youtube videos of air show crashes to watch such a thing without assuming the worst was just about to happen…

New Toy

After my kit lens for my Rebel bit the dust last January, I spent hours and hours trying to decide what to replace it with. What I really wanted was the Tamron 18-200mm lens that I have been lusting after for the past 5 years or so. But my frugal side said just buy a used kit lens, and my anxious side said I needed to have the kit lens because it was what I knew (even though I am well aware that the kit lens is less than great, it’s just all I’ve ever had). This was the mindset I walked into National Camera Exchange with. What I walked out with was a brand new Tamron 18-200mm lens.And lets just say I am in love. This lens is going to make shooting with my big camera a whole new experience and I am already having so much fun playing with it. It ended up costing just a little bit more than the used kit lens after the mail in rebates, but was brand new, with a 6 year warranty, and has opened up a whole new world to my camera while easily covering everything the kit lens could do.Now of course after talking to the sales guy though I realize what I really need next is a 50mm fixed lens. Good thing I have a birthday and Christmas coming up! 😉

Always Be Open to an Adventure…

because you never know where one may find you.It could happen one day when you’re just driving home from a work tripwhen suddenly the sign for a state park catches your eye and you think, what the heck, let’s check it out.Before you know it you’re walking through the open plains,watching buffalo in the distance,and gazing up at incredible rock formations.A couple hours later you’ve walked over 5 miles,explored everything there is to see,and discovered a whole new side of Minnesota.Once again my iPhone saves the day, documenting an adventure I was neither expecting nor prepared for.I love adventures. And my iPhone 🙂