Mexico Take 1

Alright, I know I said yesterday that I’m going to try to do more than just share pictures around here but I can’t skip over our trip to Mexico! I’m going to keep it simple though and just share pictures, not go in to depth about every little detail, cause I have a problem with doing that and burning myself out. Seriously, I kill myself with my self-imposed rules!!!

Anyways, our trip was absolutely amazing. We got in a day later than we were supposed to due to some flight delays which was rather stressful, but all’s well that ends well. We got there just in time to get ready for the wedding and scored some fabulous vouchers which will be enabling us to fly for free on another vacation in the near future so not too shabby, now that I’m not stuck in Dallas anyways. But I digress. Puerto Vallarta was incredibly beautiful. The mountains, the jungle, the ocean… Just breathtaking. We spent two days at the resort where my sister’s wedding was held. The resort was fabulous and we had a great couple days celebrating with family and friends, swimming in the ocean, jetskiing, releasing baby turtles. It was perfect. So without further adieu, the pictures from the first leg of our trip.


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