If any of you remember, way back in June I talked about my rather ambitious list of projects for the house. Patio furniture update, painting the kitchen table, redecorating the office… It was quite a list, and it remains quite a list. But I have managed to check a few things off so I thought it might be time to share them. First up, the patio furniture update. I was going to share the before pictures but apparently I erased them all, which makes sense cause they were really ugly. As in light beige with rust.This isn’t my dream patio furniture by any means but for the price of 5 cans of spray paint, it is a gigantic improvement. My very supportive husband was rather skeptical about spray painting furniture, and I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit scared myself, but it worked like a charm. Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint is my new best friend. I painted these in June and they still look great. I imagine I’ll need to touch them up a bit in the spring but that’s just fine with me.One of these days I’ll actually decide what I want for furniture on my patio, until then spray paint is the answer to all of my patio problems.

Next up is my pillow rejuvenation project. Note that I call it rejuvenation and not “new pillow” project. That is because I was too cheap to actually buy new pillows or pillow forms. Because lets face it, they’re ridiculously expensive for what they are and they just get packed down right away anyways.So instead I bought a cheap pillow at target, cut a slit in my old throw pillows, stuffed them as much as I could with the stuffing from the target pillow, sewed them back up and then recovered them. Yes, I may be the cheapest girl in the world but it cost 4 bucks to make 3 big fluffy pillows so I’m okay with it.I absolutely adore the orange chevron material and it was a total surprise find at JoAnns. I’d been looking for something like it for over a month without much luck so when I stumbled on this in their quilting aisle I was ecstatic. And at 2 bucks a yard (have I mentioned I also call this the poor girls pillow makeover…) it was simply meant to be. There was only one yard left but it was just enough to cover the two smaller pillows. I found the neutral material and buttons to make a third pillow for the loveseat. It ended up working out perfectly and adding a little variety. Total cost for three new throw pillows… $11.00. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Last up is the dining table that I scored at the Salvation Army in May. I’ll be honest, this project nearly gave me an aneurism, and that is after my mother’s amazing hubby sanded it down for me saving me hours of work and muscle knots. I blame the crappy paint and the lady at Home Depot for recommending it. I learned some valuable lessons along the way, that my loyalty to Sherwin Williams was well deserved and I will never stray from their paint department ever again, and that the advice of a sales person is never ever a substitution for research. This was a rare occurrence for me, not doing my homework before buying supplies. It will never happen again. Six coats of paint later (which will never actually dry hard enough for a table) I decided to go with good enough. I covered it with polyacrylic (which I do really like and will be using again) and have decided to let go of the fact that it will get nicked and dented. When the top gets too beat up, I’ll strip it and do it again, but with better paint!!! It does look pretty though, especially if you aren’t looking for all the little imperfections like I am. Letting it go… Letting it go… 😉 Next up I am finishing the chairs to go with the table. They are half way spray painted, soon to be completely spray painted, then topped off with new fabric covered seats. The seats depend on the men in my life with saws so this may take awhile…And with a little luck in the weather department and motivation on my part I hope to crank out the desk for our office redo. I need the weather to stay warm enough to stain in the garage!!! I may be a bit overly optimistic though considering how little time I actually have to get it done with all our travel coming up but I’m holding on to hope. The Parade of Homes last weekend has me dying to redecorate something!


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