Catching Up

All of our travels and adventures over the past few months have meant lots of picture taking but very little time for getting those pictures scrapped. But I am slowly but surely catching up, at least with my Smash Book. I’ve got quite a ways to go in my regular scrapbook, soon to be even further behind after our trip to Mexico! One of the nice things about making the Smash Book this year is that even if I do get a bit behind in my scrapbooking, I have kept track of everything we’ve done in this book so it’ll be easy to go back and remember what I want to scrap. The downside to this though is it does start to feel a bit repetitive. I’ve decided next year I’ll skip the Smash Book and use 4×6 pages for the little pictures that I want to print but don’t necessarily want to make an entire page around. That’s my plan for now anyways.I am really glad that I did the Smash Book though. It’s been a fun project and I think I’ll love looking back on it. I just feel it’ll be a bit redundant two years in a row. So those are my thoughts up to this date anyways. Having a camera always at my disposal means I have lots of pictures so I do need a home for them. I just think it’ll be fun to change it up next year. We’ll see though, I may be addicted to smashing… 😉


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