T-Shirt Turned Swimsuit Cover

Pinterest is filled with t-shirt projects these days. Not gonna lie, I was both intrigued and skeptical when I started seeing the pins so I pulled out an old t-shirt and started cutting away. And what do you know, it was awesome. So off to Savers I went to pick up some shnazzy mens t-shirts, most importantly a special shirt to turn into a swimsuit cover for my sister’s bachelorette party gift. I followed this tutorial which was so easy. I did sew up the the sides just a bit to give it a bit more shape because it was a little boxy on it’s own.I used iron on sequins which were a huge pain to work with but I can’t argue with the results.Not too shabby for a t-shirt, huh? I picked up a few more t-shirts to try out some of the other tutorials I’ve found. Hello cute diy tank tops!


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