Fun Times

I’ve been slacking around here lately but I’m trying to get back on the ball which means I need to share the fun times we had last week. First, Justin and I went for an extra special date to see the Sharks After Dark at the Mall of America. We spent a little time wandering the mall, had dinner at Stir Crazy (yummmmm) and played in the arcade for awhile (unlimited play cards were part of the Sharks After Dark deal). And by play in the arcade I mean I beat Justin in the snowmobile race. Twice.And then it was time for the highlight of the night, hanging out in the aquarium watching the sharks get crazy after the lights went out. It was kind of like living in Shark Week for a half hour. Yes, I’m a nerd, I believe I’ve covered that a few times here. And just so we’re clear, the picture above is not of sharks, they were just the only guys I could get a picture of. I am proud to say that I actually know the difference between fresh water fish and sharks, unlike far too many parents I hear in the aquarium. I’m just sayin’.

The next night we headed out to my barn with some barn friends and neighborhood friends to watch the High School Rodeo.It is a beloved tradition around my barn, going back to my junior high days. Let’s just say that some of us girls who basically lived at the barn were a little excited to have actual boys come to us one weekend a year. Ah the life of a teenage horse nut…While the rodeo excitement has certainly changed in nature for me, it remains a happy summer tradition. Horses, cows, friends and warm summer nights. What could be better?


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