Call Me Thrifty

My friend and I headed out on Friday to try our hand at thrifting. Sufficient to say we are hooked.

We started out the day at the Salvation Army ReStore where we didn’t find much besides the realization that this super cool store is really close and must be visited frequently.

Next up we hit Hidden Treasures in Saint Anthony. True to it’s name, we found lots of treasures, including these lovelies. I paid 9 bucks for the both of them. 9 bucks!!!! They are huge and going to look fantastical once I spray them with some rustoleum oil rubbed bronze paint! Did I mention I got them for 9 bucks?!?!

Luckily for us Hidden Treasures was right by Jersey Mikes where pretty much the best sandwiches ever live so we made a pit stop and made our stomachs very happy.On the way to our next store we happened to drive right by the MPLS Photo Center, and since that place makes me happy I thought we should make a quick stop.I adore this place with all my heart. And I remembered to snap a picture of my favorite photo hanging in the gallery right now.I know my picture is awful but I do kind of love the way it turned out with my reflection in the photograph.And isn’t this photo amazing??? The mist, the still water, the horse and rider. Love it.

The next stop on our whirlwind tour was the downtown Salvation Army and it was giant! And it just so happened to hold the most magnificent thrift store find that I will probably ever find.Guess who needed a new kitchen table??? You guessed it, me! This thing is gorgeous and is going to look so incredible once it’s painted black. And the best part??? It was $25. This single find has probably given me unrealistic expectations for the rest of my life. Now I would like you all to take a moment and appreciate how meant to be this table was for me.Not even an inch to spare. She was made to come home in my Jeep! I can’t wait to get started on this project! I still need chairs but the tentative plan right now is my dad and I are going to build two benches for the long sides and I’m going to buy two chairs for the end, either new or refinish some from a thrift store/Craigslist (I told you I was hooked).

After squeezing the table into the Jeep we headed downstairs and found a whole new level of amazingness in the “As Is” store. It’s filled with brand new stuff that stores send when they don’t need it anymore. Clearance, dye lot testing, that sort of thing. I was able to snag two adorable swimsuits for $15 total. Oh how these good deals make my heart happy. I thought we’d never leave the store because we kept finding more treasures around every corner. Housing this store and the Salvation Army thrift store in the same building is pure genius.

Once we finished our thrift store adventures it was time to buy supplies to make our new treasures amazing so it was off to Home Depot and JoAnns. I also picked up supplies to redo my patio furniture. I’m going to try to spray paint it with Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze. I’m scared. Not gonna lie. But if it works out it’s going to be amazing. If not, well let’s not talk about that possibility.It is in desperate need of some love so hopefully my spray painting will be just the ticket!

So now that I have all these treasures it’s time to get to work making them awesome. The only problem is that I have way too many projects and I don’t know where to start!


2 thoughts on “Call Me Thrifty

  1.! Now the question is, when can we do it again!?! On the list – chairs, more frames, and I’d really like a bench for my entry hallway! There’s this PB one I’ve been drooling over – maybe I can get lucky and find something to paint or refinish! Oh, and I want some hooks for my garage!

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