verb: indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events

Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to my uncle Roger. It was a hard day, saying goodbye to a beloved family member who should have had so many good years left. But it was also a wonderful day filled with shared memories and time spent treasuring family that we don’t see as much as we should. So in honor of my uncle, I share my favorite story from the day yesterday as well as one of my own treasured memories.

By all accounts the church was quite hot the day of my uncle Jerry’s wedding. So hot in fact that my uncle Roger (last guy on the right) passed out while standing in the wedding. My father, the mischievous looking little guy in the front, thought he was dead and proceeded to pass out right along with him. What I wouldn’t give for a video of this wedding. It was clearly a memorable moment as several people talked about it over the day yesterday.

Most of my favorite memories with my uncle involve fishing. He used to take my cousin Jake and I fishing when we were kids and it is without a doubt the reason I enjoy fishing so much to this day. A couple years ago the whole family headed up to Roger’s resort for Labor Day and spent a few days floating around the beautiful lake catching fish. I managed to score this northern (my uncle is the proud looking guy behind me in the picture), easily the highlight of my fishing career thus far. It was only appropriate that I catch my monster fish with my uncle, without whom I may never have learned to fish and love it in the first place.

Yesterday was a sad day and Roger will be dearly missed. But I am thankful for the wonderful memories I have and a day filled with reminiscing.


2 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. I wish you had a video of that wedding too….:-)
    I am sorry you lost your uncle but it’s wonderful that you have so many great memories of him. Those will live on forever.

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