Recent Crafty Projects

Just a few little crafty things to share with y’all today.I planted some baby aloe plants in these adorable pots from JoAnns and then made the little Happy Mother’s Day cards for my mom and Justin’s mom and grandma. Nothing too fancy but I think they turned out pretty cute. Now I’m just hoping I didn’t kill the aloe in the process! My green thumb is more like a brown thumb.Another scrapbooking page. I’m kind of loving using the white background which is definitely a new development. I’m also having fun playing with the 8.5×11 size. 12×12 is still my preferred size but it’s fun to do something a little different sometimes, especially when it’s a one picture layout.A new pair of crochet flower flip flops. Unfortunately I realized these flip flops are actually super uncomfortable so I need to go find a new pair and move the flowers to those. We can’t be having ouchy feet now!And I finally finished my crochet shrug (please excuse the weird picture, it is not easy to get a picture of an article of clothing!). I gave the first one I made to my aunt so I was anxious to get one finished for myself. Definitely love this pattern. It’s so simple and the shrug turns out so cute and comfy. This will most certainly not be the last one I make!


3 thoughts on “Recent Crafty Projects

  1. Way cute mother’s day gift! And seriously, why haven’t I still learned to read a crochet pattern. I NEED that shrug…NEED I say!

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