Sioux Falls Zoo

We discovered the Sioux Falls zoo last year while on a work trip and instantly fell in love. We make sure to visit at least once a year now, because you know how we love to make our work trips fun, and we kind of like zoos 😉 Of course I took way too many pictures, as usual, so I’m gonna break them up into a few different posts. Better than actually trying to pick my favorites!This guy caught a whiff of something he wasn’t too crazy about and was making all kinds of goofy faces, just like our dalmatian used to make. He had us cracking up and brought back some good memories of our boy Doogan.A black swan, as in a big beautiful bird, not the crazy movie.Gotta love it when you actually get to touch animals at the zoo! Even better when you get to feed them, because then they love you. I am all for buying the love of animals 😉Let me translate: “Food Please!”This little guy seemed to form a bit of an attachment to us and really just wanted to hang out. When we finally had to leave him he ran along the fence chasing after us yelling like crazy. Broke our hearts! We would have brought him home if we could have! 🙂I think he’s kind of cute. Just sayin’.How incredible is this guys hair? They’ve been around for millions of years so clearly it’s working for them.Chillin’ like a villain.Love this man so much.The peacocks run the zoo, and trust me, they know it.The end… For now.


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