12 of May

I started off the 12th of May less than enthused about taking 12 pictures of my day, mostly because I was a tad crabby about having to spend three hours in the hospital getting a blood transfusion when it was glorious outside. I got over my crabbiness though and was out of the hospital by 1:30, leaving me plenty of time for picture taking and weather enjoyment.The kids managed to get some weather enjoyment in as well. I brought my phone along on my walk with Maggie and took some pictures around the neighborhood.Home sweet home. I love it here. So much. We may be “stuck” here longer than we planned thanks to the housing crash but it’s a great home and neighborhood to be “stuck” in.The monthly window pic. Things are looking so much prettier now that everything’s getting green! And while the pond is vacant in this picture it is typically filled with ducks, geese and muskrats that provide us with endless entertainment.I love how this picture turned out. A perfect capture of my happy place.I can’t even begin to describe to you the peace I feel sitting in my lawn chair hanging out with Lily while she grazes. It is one of my absolute favorite parts of summer.I am so in love with this picture, and so impressed with my iphone for capturing it. Definitely one of my favorite pictures ever.


5 thoughts on “12 of May

  1. I used to live in a townhome that looked just like yours! I love love that dandelion picture you got too…with your iphone?! That’s crazy business!!! Sorry your day started with the routine hospital trip. Part of life for you though right? But crummy none the less.

  2. I love your photos…I especially love that you love your horse like I love mine. He is a Quarter Horse that I have had for 11 years…he is my therapist, over and over. I too could sit in a chair and watch him graze for hours. My poor husband doesn’t quite get it! 🙂

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