Things I’ve Learned This Weekend

1. I possess a certain, dare I say superhuman, strength and am pretty sure The Avengers will be calling me soon. Okay, that may be a tad exaggerated but I did manage to wax my car twice while in need of a blood transfusion which is pretty darn close.
2. Blood transfusions are long and boring. Nearly three hours per bag of blood. Thank goodness for iPhones.
3. It is difficult to look at the bags of blood and not think of all the times you’ve seen vampires enjoy them on tv. Six hours is a long time to wait for Stephan, Damon or Edward to jump out and steal your blood.
4. If you don’t know who I’m referencing in #3, trust me, you’re not missing much.
5. Arriving in the transfusion room after noon is a bit like being the new girl arriving mid class. And when the only chair available is the one on the very end facing everyone, well lets just say I now have a much greater sympathy for the new kid.
6. Getting a blood transfusion on a Saturday though? Amazing. A private room with a tv to watch World’s Cutest Pet on and a surprisingly comfortable hospital bed have convinced me that from here on out when I need a transfusion I will be “busy” every day but Saturday and Sunday. I’m sure my doctor won’t get suspicious…


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