The last few months have been tough around here. We’ve faced job frustrations, death, health troubles… The list of worries that have been weighing us down is rather long and we have been praying like crazy.

But yesterday finally brought some answered prayers. After two years of working his butt off to turn around the hemorrhaging territory he walked into Justin finally hit budget! It has been a giant uphill battle that has definitely been wearing us down lately. When he accepted the job two years ago he was assured the territory was ready to explode. He had already turned around a horrible territory at his previous job and wasn’t looking for a repeat experience. But once he stepped into his new job he quickly realized that the territory was actually ready to implode after sitting without a sales rep for 18 months. He has worked so hard and kept such a great attitude through this all and I could not possible be prouder of him.

And as if that wasn’t enough good news for one day, the afternoon brought the awesome news that the big account that he has been working on for over a year is finally ready to start implementing his product and is placing their very first order. This account has been unbelievably stressful so to finally have all the hard work and worry pay off is like a gust of fresh air through our house.

To say that yesterday was a good day in our house would be a giant understatement. We are jumping for joy around here and it feels amazing!


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