Hold Them Close

Last week I learned that my uncle will not be with us for much longer. After a year long fight with cancer this news wasn’t a complete shock, but it stings none the less. I headed two hours south on Sunday to visit my family and spend time with my uncle for a few days. It was time very well spent. I’ll share more about my little trip soon and I am working on sorting through my thoughts and emotions from the last few weeks in hopes of sharing them with you soon. But for now, I leave you with this; hold them close. I have hugged two family members for the last time over the last 3 weeks and the one clear thought that I am left with is “hold them close.” Make memories, collect stories, spend time with the ones you love. If I have gained anything from the last month it is a renewed sense of love, family, memories, and the importance of holding them close.



One thought on “Hold Them Close

  1. My prayers are with you and your family. You all have been through so much recently. Praying for loads of comfort for your Uncle too. I can’t imagine. Take care you!

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