12 of April

The 12th of April turned out to be a great day to take 12 pictures. We started the day in Duluth, waking up to this beautiful view. Love when we get upgraded to a room with a view of Superior.My super husband took me to Michaels to pick up some yarn so I could start a new crochet project on the drive home. He rocks.Had to grab some Cold Stone on our way out of town.Our navigator.We stopped at Jay Cooke state park on our drive home to do a little hiking.So beautiful there. It never fails to take my breath away.This was a very good week in the life of Maggie.And then we were home sweet home, which is looking greener and greener every day.I decided to include a picture of my grandmother in my 12 pictures as she passed away on the 12th. I chose a picture of her with my grandfather because they had an incredible love story, spanning over 50 years of marriage and overcoming insurmountable odds. Their marriage is an inspiration to me and this picture seemed like the perfect photo to capture that.


One thought on “12 of April

  1. Love this post! As always! Great photos, great stories. And crocheting while traveling is one of my favorite two things to combine 🙂
    So sorry to hear that your grandma passed. She looks beautifully happy here. My prayers are with you and your family.

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