Zoo Day

We found a little extra time for fun while up in Duluth this week for Justin’s work.We visited the zoo, which is in such a beautiful location with a stream running through it. And you know how much I love my zoos!I wasn’t expecting so many photo opportunities on this trip so I left my big camera at home. Quite disappointing for this shutterbug but I did the best I could with my iPhone. And Justin promised a return visit this summer so I guess it’ll be alright 😉Meet Max. He likes to lounge in the sun. Max and Paris have a lot in common.I loooooove otters. So much.While this guy was busy running around and rolling in the sand, his buddy was sleeping with his paw in his mouth. Seriously, these guys are just too cute.Speaking of too cute, I want a pet tamarin. Badly. I will feed him lots of grapes and apples and we will be very happy together.Bears are quickly becoming one of my favorite animals at the zoo. They never fail to put on an amazingly fun show and are always so entertaining. And soooo adorable, even if they could kill me with one swipe. I don’t think they would though, I mean I love them so much so they would probably love me back, right? I stand firm behind this theory, as long as I stand behind a glass wall that is.There are no words for how I feel when I look at this picture. It is just perfect. Nuf’ said.


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