Speaking of Puppy Pictures

I thought I should share a few more of Maggie’s puppy pictures because, well let’s face it, she was pretty much the cutest puppy ever. See? Cutest puppy ever.I begged Justin for a puppy for weeks. I did tons of research and decided a boston terrier was the perfect puppy for us. A big dog personality in an apartment size body. Then he surprised me one afternoon, calling me from work to tell me we were going to pick up my new puppy when he got home.She was everything that I had hoped she would be and more.She was, and still is, the perfect addition to our little family. So much fun and the best cuddler in the whole world.And yes, she totally still sleeps like this and has been known to fall asleep in my lap like a little kid. She has us in stitches every single day.And rest assured, it may have taken some work to convince Justin we needed a puppy but it only took him a few hours before he was totally sold. Now he’s the one begging me for another puppy…


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