The Puppy and the Turtle

Once upon a time there was a puppy named Maggie. One day, when she was only two and a half months old her mom and dad took her on an adventure through the woods where she met a creature she was quite sure was meant to be her best friend. At first he was quite shy but Maggie remained insistent that he should come out of his shell and be her friend.After a considerable amount of effort on Maggie’s part, the turtle finally did come out of his shell. But what Maggie didn’t know was that he was a crabby turtle who only came out of shell to bite puppy’s noses. Maggie was deeply saddened by the turtle’s cruel rejection.Luckily for Maggie she had a momma who loved her very much and was there to rescue her from the evil turtle.Six years later her momma is still there to protect her should the evil turtle ever strike again.


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