More Zoo Love

You didn’t think I was done sharing zoo pictures now did you??? Of course not! đŸ˜‰Green is popping up all over the place!This is one of the new kids on the block. I don’t know much about them except they are called dholes, they have cute ears, and they are in trouble with the zoo keepers for not coming in at dinner time.Paris makes this exact same face.These little guys are darn near impossible to get a good picture of. It’s too dark and they are too fast. But they’re so cute that I keep on trying.They have now taken to chasing people’s fingers which is incredibly entertaining. Did I mention how cute they are???Another guy zooming around making it hard to get a good picture. Still pretty cute though.The other new guy on the block. This guy makes Justin incredibly happy. Wolves are his absolute favorite and this guy has that tough guy look that makes boys happy.He was messing with the coyotes on the other side. I’m not sure how exactly they were communicating since they couldn’t see each other but there was some serious perimeter patrol going on on both sides.Then he was kind enough to come give us some face time since we were so excited to see him. Isn’t he stunning?I believe this guy struts around while the song “Shake your tail feathers” plays in his head.It’s a good thing that there is a strong barrier separating me from these guys because I want nothing more than to get in there and scratch his ears. They just might like it. Or not…


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