Scrappy Shares

A Valentine’s Day layout.Smashing spring!I’m doing a good job keeping up with my Smash book, making that my priority whenever I have new pictures so that I can keep it current. I want this to be the place that I tell all the little stories that make up our life. I don’t feel like I’m doing a great job of telling the little details and stories though so I want to work on that. That is the part of Project Life that I am most interested in and I want to do a better job of incorporating that into my Smash book. Things to work on…


4 thoughts on “Scrappy Shares

  1. I love your layouts. I was wondering how you print your pictures. do you print them at home or have them printed. I’m just starting my SMASH* book and I wanted to get your opinion on how to add more pictures! Thanks!

    • Thank you! I do print my pictures at home using photoshop elements and an Epson printer. I’ve actually been asked about this several times lately so I’ll try to put a post up describing my process within the week. Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting!

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