Bears, Bears & More Bears

I thought I’d kick off my zoo picture shares with my bear pictures because, well,  because they’re just so darn cute. And I took a lot of pictures of them. Like over 70. What can I say, my trigger finger has a habit of going a little crazy. I should add that bear pictures require lots and lots of photoshopping since the glass presents quite the photography dilemma. Between the water marks, reflections and the blue green hue the glass casts, the pictures don’t start out looking to great. I use actions from the Coffee Shop blog and the Pioneer Woman blog which help quite a bit, just in case any of you were wondering 🙂 They are still far from perfect but I think they do the trick of capturing how adorable these guys are.The big guy in the water put on quite the show. He was very busy fishing, walking/swimming round and round, chasing after the few trout that were frantically avoiding him. After quite a bit of work he finally caught one. He’s come quite a ways from the days when we watched him try to kick the fish to death. The other two bears just watched him like he was crazy. I’m pretty sure they were thinking “we don’t really know what’s wrong with him. We’re pretty sure he was dropped on his head as a cub. A lot.” That is until he caught the fish of course. Then they were all like “WHAT??? Where’s mine???”. After all his hard work he celebrated with some well earned play time. Nothing better than a big log in the water if you’re a bear.Of course it’s also rather enjoyable to just play with your feet.This guy was like “Fish smish. My cantaloup is delicious and I don’t have to look like a crazy bear to catch it.” At least I think that’s what he said.


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