Staycation 101

Justin has a home office, which is wonderful for a wide variety of reasons, but it does have one downside, there is no such thing as leaving work at work. So we make a point of taking several “staycations” throughout the year. It’s a time for the two of us to spend lots of quality time together, have fun and do our favorite things. Just like a vacation but without leaving home 🙂 After a very busy couple months for Justin at work, and lots of busyness to come, this weekend was the perfect time to squeeze in a little staycation. We took long walks through the woods, in our flip flops because it was 80 degrees (!!!!!!!).Maggie even busted out the hot face for the first time this year.We grilled some absolutely delicious meals. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be eating summer foods!We played some bean bags while Maggie refereed. I still lost, even though I’m pretty sure she was on my side.In general, Maggie found the staycation delightfully exhausting.We tried out a new ice cream place before going to a movie. Our Coldstone recently closed, leaving my ice cream loving husband a tad bit devastated. We needed to find a replacement. Stat! And I’m happy to say we did just that. Dark chocolate ice cream. Need I say more? After ice cream we went to see 21 Jump Street. It was as good as the ice cream. In other words, fantastical.We visited the zoo (lots more pictures to come from that adventure!),and we visited the new arrivals to the Sea Life Aquarium.We explored a new (to us) park along the Mississippi river,and took lots of night walks, which, much to Maggie’s delight, included frogs (seriously, how are there frogs in March???). We put a lot of miles on our feet during our staycation!It was a great few days with my main squeeze. I’m so happy that we are able to take these little time outs from life every once and awhile and just enjoy each other. These are the little things that make life extra good.


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