Finally Finished!

After three weeks of crocheting, ripping out stitches, crocheting, ripping out stitches, more crocheting (you get the picture), I finally finished my summer scarf. I used this pattern, which was pretty simple and straight forward, but for some reason the one end kept getting shorter. I was never able to figure out what I was doing wrong in spite of the fact that I tore the scarf apart more times than I can count (including one tear out that ended in a four hour knot). I finally gave up trying to figure it out and just decided to wing it. If it was getting shorter, I added stitches. If it was getting longer, I followed what the pattern said. Let me be clear, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the pattern, this was definitely user error. But in the end I am super happy with it and am looking forward to rocking this baby all spring and summer. It’s super cute, very light and airy. And like the writer of the pattern designed it to be, it does a great job of imitating the look of a vest. I’m planning on making these for Christmas gifts next year. Maybe I’ll actually figure out what I was doing wrong if I keep making them!


3 thoughts on “Finally Finished!

    • Thank you! Definitely user error, not pattern error! I’m only two months into life as a crocheter so I’m still learning 🙂

  1. I love this! I really wish I could follow a pattern. I think I might be able to figure this one out from looking at the example actually. Although, maybe I’ll get lucky and just get on your christmas list instead hahaha. And I too love the color you chose!

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