March Madness

*Disclaimer: This is a very girly, somewhat whiney post. Consider yourself warned*

This past week, I’ve been feeling a tad like thisThis happens to me pretty much every March. It’s the end of winter, I need spring right fricken’ now and it’s not here yet blues. I hate my hair, I hate my body, I hate my wardrobe, I hate pretty much everything. Am I alone in this or is this just a typical girl thing??? I think this year may be a tad worse because last summer was kind of a lost summer. The warm weather and sun didn’t appear around here till July, and most of my summer was consumed by medical drama. Between having a big chunk of my thigh removed due to skin cancer, infertility testing, dropping blood counts and a bone marrow biopsy, my summer was pretty much consumed with medical visits and worries. So now I am even more eager than normal to get on with summer. My health is stable and I convinced my doctor to refrain from stealing any more bone marrow till next January, so barring any major health changes, I am looking forward to my first summer in three years that doesn’t revolve around PNH!!! Bring it on! Right now. I mean it. Why must it only be March???

Lest I sound like I’m just sitting around sulking (which I am certainly doing some of if I’m being honest), I am doing a few things to combat the March Madness that has overcome me. I started my progression back to blonde, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time online learning new hair tricks. Typically around this time each year I cut my hair off which has a lovely dramatic effect of making feel all new and rid of the winter cobwebs. This year though I’ve decided to grow my hair out, which I’m excited about but is a far less dramatic transformation as I wait month after month to get there. So I’m trying to learn new tricks to make my hair fun in the meantime. I made myself some sea salt hair spray which I’m pretty sure is going to change my life. There’s lots of recipes out there but essentially it’s a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, a squeeze of hair gel, and a little conditioner or Moroccan oil (my personal choice). I’ve only played with it two days but it definitely gives my super fine hair a lot more texture and makes it feel like I just walked off the beach. Since that is typically the style I love for summer it’s pretty much perfect. I’ve been playing with pin curls to make it fun and curly too. It’s gonna take me awhile to get good at it but I’m loving it so far. Just in case you are dying to know what this look I’m going for looks like, here’s a little example.Rest assured I will be looking just like this by the time summer rolls around. Maybe… Ok, highly unlikely but I’ll be doing my best. Who knew the tousled easy looking hair actually requires so much work. In the meantime I’ll be the strange girl who looks a bit like she was just at the beach while the lakes are still frozen. I’m also working on mastering the ponytail. I spent so many years working in a restaurant with mandated ponytails that I’ve grown to view them as a utilitarian thing. But they look so cute on people on tv and in the movies so I am bound and determined to look the same. Once again, who know the carefree, I just threw my hair up for the day look is so much work??? I am watching youtube videos people. To learn how to make myself a proper ponytail. My sister is going to be so proud. Or embarrassed. This could go either way…

I’m also dying to remake my wardrobe. You should know that I added exactly two items to my summer wardrobe last year, and approximately 3 items the year before. Yup. You heard me right. I’m not much of a shopper, to put it mildly. Add in that I really feel like buying summer clothes around March but do my best to refrain because nothing is more depressing than looking at new summer clothes in your closet while it continues to be 30 degrees. Then by the time it’s actually warm enough to wear new clothes, I’ve usually lost interest in shopping again. This just might be the year that changes. Because really, my summer wardrobe is dying for some fresh items, and all of my summer pictures are starting to look the same. It’s getting a bit embarrassing. For now I’m just doing lots of online dream shopping. You know, when you shop online and put lots of things in your “cart” but never actually checkout. Or is that just me?

Just a few of the items in my Maurices virtual cart. I adore that store. And I just know that one of those pairs of jeans is going to be a life changer. You know, makes your butt look great, long with the perfect flare. The right pair of jeans can change your life. Alright, that might be a tad over dramatic but it certainly can be a self image changer, and I’m in desperate need of that right now. My Target virtual cart is filled with swimming suits, I do have a trip to Mexico on the horizon after all, and Old Navy has some cute shirts and skirts I’ve got my eyes on. Now to just find the perfect kimono swimsuit cover…Gotta look trendy while avoiding more skin cancer. In the meantime though I tore my closet apart and sent 3 bags of clothes on their way to a wonderful new life at the Goodwill. Maggie found the whole thing exhausting. How is it that new clothes rarely make their way into my closet but there are still so many bags of clothes leaving??? Oh that’s right, because I still have clothing from the days when “teen” ended the number of years I’d spent on this earth. And yes, I’ve worn them all this time. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.Check out that super clean closet!!! Impressive right???So clean and organized. And a tad empty…Good to know there will be room if I ever actually go shopping 😉

This officially concludes my end of winter whining. At least for now anyways. For any of you poor souls who actually made it all the way through this, you have my deepest respect and appreciation 🙂


One thought on “March Madness

  1. In cooperation with “opperation soak up our 20s”, I’d like to join you in your worthy cause to soak up every last ounce of summer this year. Here’s to much fun with friends, skin cancer prevention and, of course, jeans that make our butts look good! And, to add to the list, here’s some other things I want to do: plant a vegetable garden, go camping, BBQ at least once a week, ride outside (!), and maybe run a half marathon.

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