A Smashing Update

I thought I would share a picture of a finished calendar pocket. I’m really loving including them in my Smash book. It’s a fun way to look over what happened throughout the month as well as a great place to collect the little things that catch my eye. This one has a blog post and a Valentines Day card. March already has my sister’s save the date card for her wedding and I plan on printing out an article from the New Yorker that I read about Liz Lemon since I am currently totally obsessed with 30 Rock. It’s something super random that might be fun to look back on later on. The page on the right here came with bright orange text that I hated so I painted over it with gesso to hide the letters as much as possible and then tried to center everything over it so what you could still see wouldn’t be noticeable. Every once and awhile I don’t like the page in the book so I try to get creative and work around it. 


3 thoughts on “A Smashing Update

  1. I really love the calendar pocket idea and have been wanting to include them in my book too but I don’t know how to make them! Teach me oh wise one!

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