Travel Bug: Hawaii Take 2

I was so excited to see the sea turtles in Hawaii and I was not disappointed. They are so adorable!!!The best was watching them “surf” on the North Shore. They’d ride the waves and then grab onto the algae growing on the rocks and let the waves pull them back out, ripping the algae with them. I literally spent over an hour watching them in glee. I am incredibly lucky my husband is so patient.It’s like a postcard anywhere you look on the North Shore.See what I mean?Watching a surfing competition, because you can do that on a random day in Hawaii. Why don’t I live there again???That would be my husband getting taken out by a wave. Totally worth a good picture I’d say.There were some crazy fish in the marina outside our condo, the pigeons of the fish world if you will. So of course we fed them every morning on our way to our Jeep. They loved us. One day there was a crab on the wall and when I threw the bread down he snatched it and held it above the fish as he scrambled away with his treasure. I felt like I was in “Finding Nemo” with all the critters yelling “mine! mine! mine!”. Yes, even in Hawaii I am easily amused by animals.More climbing up and lots and lots of stairs to get to the top of Diamond Head. I got more exercise in Hawaii than I’ve had in my whole life combined.At least in Hawaii you get rewarded with a view like this.And you can recover on a lanai, reading a book and looking at the ocean. I might be more willing to workout if it worked like that around here.Finally a view you don’t have to sweat blood and tears to get to! πŸ˜‰ Fun fact, this is the waterfall they throw the truck off of in the movie The Rundown.The Hilton Hawaiian Village, which was right next to our condo, had penguins, turtles and ducks which we visited every day. Animals make me happy, especially in Hawaii.We took a snorkel tour that included swimming with dolphins and sea turtles. It was nothing short of amazing. (These pictures are from the photographer that was on board our boat. He sold a disc of the pictures he took throughout the day after the tour. Made this girl who was frustrated with my little waterproof point and shoot very happy.)The baby dolphin was so adorable and such a little show off, jumping and spinning like crazy. He put on quite a show.See the two snorkelers behind the turtle? That would be us πŸ™‚The fish just loved Justin. He also had fish food so I suppose that could have had something to do with it…We took a dinner cruise one night. The food was alright but the view was amazing.One of my favorite things to do while we were there was to float in the ocean. I love my floatie things and floating away on them just takes it to a whole new level.So there you have if folks, our trip to Hawaii. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the other islands some day. Tomorrow would be good. Just sayin’ πŸ˜‰


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