Travel Bug: Hawaii

I know you have all been dying for more of my travel posts so here we go. I was going to do them in order but then I thought, nah. Thanks to this week’s slushstorm, snowmen and dirty snowbanks have taken over my world so a temporary escape to Hawaii sounded like a good idea, even if it’s only a vacation to the recesses of my mind. So on to the good stuff. We visited Oahu in October/November of 2009. We chose Oahu because we’d decided to do one island per trip (although now I think when we return someday we’ll group Big Island with either Maui or Kauai) and we both really wanted to see Pearl Harbor. Decision made. We rented a condo through VRBO and I absolutely cannot say enough about how great it was. We had a gorgeous condo on Waikiki, right next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village, on the 17th floor. Totally renovated, full kitchen and a huge lanai that looked out at the ocean and Diamond Head. All for less than the next best option, a small hotel room 7 blocks from the beach. I am now a huge fan of renting condos on vacations. Alright, just had to get that out there. Now on to the good stuff.The view from our lanai.Waikiki and Diamond Head. I hiked to the top of that thing if you can believe it.The most beautiful drive of my life.Snorkeling in Haunauma bay.Don’t even try to tell me I’m not the most graceful and elegant snorkeler you’ve ever seen.A sunken ship in Pearl Harbor. Just a word of warning for those of you who haven’t been yet, it looks nothing like the movie. In fact, I learned after I left confused that the movie isn’t even filmed there, but in California. Darn Hollywood. And ugly modernizations…Mopar committed, at home and away. And that baby did not disappoint. That “road” was crazy!!!The crazy road led us to the most beautiful picnic spot ever.Check swimming under a waterfall off the bucket list. Then again, I definitely want to do that again so better leave it on there.Sharks Cove. Believe it or not, we snorkeled in there. Things got a bit hairy at times, what with the giant waves and all. Totally worth it though.The one thing that Justin wanted to do more than anything on this trip was to throw himself off of a cliff. In the non-suicidal way of course. We hiked up 2.5 miles, down about a hundred steps and picked our way through a wide stream for him to do it. I’ve never sweat so much in my life. I hope to never sweat that much again. But it was a pretty amazing experience.

Back tomorrow with the second half 🙂


3 thoughts on “Travel Bug: Hawaii

  1. Hawaii is so beautiful! You should definitely give yourself enough time in Kauai to relax and explore, and Maui has so much to offer 🙂 Those two are my favorites!

    I was looking into renting a VRBO condo in St. John this summer, but I chickened out… Any pointers for a first time renter on VRBO? 🙂

    • Yes, do it! Lol! But seriously, I was a bit scared too but it was so great. I would just read the reviews and make sure they look legit. The condo we rented in Hawaii was run by a rental company that the condo owners paid to handle the details. The condo we’re looking at for Mexico is owned by a person who owns several properties and has a website featuring all of them. So I would just look for stuff like that to make sure theres no risk of fraud. I’ve never heard of fraud through vrbo though, I just like to be careful. It really is a great way to travel though. I highly recommend it! Have fun in St Johns!

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