Happy March everyone!!! Spring is right around the corner and this girl could not be happier.Especially since Tuesday’s slushstorm required a winter jacket and a rain coat. It’s a tough life.The upside to slushstorms, super adorable snowmen created by the neighborhood kids (Maggie would debate this point, she’s not too sure about snowmen). The downside, melting slush everywhere. It’s a puddle and mud nightmare. I offer my mud covered Jeep as proof. I won’t actually show a picture. It’s too embarrassing. I’m going to try to do the March Photo a Day challenge on Instagram. I made it through day 3 of the February challenge so here’s hoping I can do better in March. This is my picture for day 1, Up. Personally I think it’s pretty awesome. Just sayin’.Really wish I wouldn’t have used orange cardstock for this page… Oh well. Can’t love ’em all, right?I had so much fun making this layout. It was inspired by this page I saw on the Studio Calico blog. It took me forever with all the cutting, gluing and sewing but it was just one of those pages that was a ton of fun. Sometimes it’s fun to just play with paper. I even busted out the mist and mist mask (behind the title). Oh yes, very crafty indeed. It also got me motivated to get back on my travel blog posts so you can expect more of those soon. I know, I know, you can hardly wait 😉


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