Ambitiously Pinning

I’ve been ambitiously pinning crochet patterns to my Pinterest account lately. I’m probably going to be way over my head with a lot of these but that’s how you learn, right? If any of you are interested in the patterns for these, click on the picture which will bring up my pin, then click on that and it will take you to the pattern.

I want to make a short, one loop infinity scarf for myself. I love the ones I’ve been making as gifts and I’m sick of my bulky scarves making me look rather odd shaped under my coat. I’m planning on making this one. Pretty simple but will be a great addition to the winter wardrobe.

I also want to make myself some summer scarves. I’ve realized this winter that I really love wearing scarves and I love the look of cute light scarves with summer outfits so time to make me some. I’m thinking of trying these.This second one definitely falls in the ambitious category but I’m pretty in love with it so I think I’m going to give it a whirl. I see lots of tearing out stitches in my future.

I’m also thinking of making a shawl. The practical side of me says what in the world would I do with one when I can just put on a hoodie, but the side of me that always swoons over the tv characters all wrapped up in yarn creations on cool summer nights says I need one. I’m thinking of these two.K. How awesomely out of date is this picture???I honestly feel totally lost when I look at this one but I really like it and it would definitely force me to learn new things…

I’m also considering this one, which is kind of a shawl mixed with a big scarf.Pretty, huh?

Now I just need tons of yarn…


4 thoughts on “Ambitiously Pinning

    • I hope your surgery goes well! And I hope you get some good crocheting time in! That’s the one good thing about being laid up with medical woes πŸ™‚

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