Scrappy Shares 2*21*12

“Love Him”

I love this picture of Justin looking at pictures in the photo center. It never ceases to warm my heart that he takes an interest in all of my hobbies and is so incredibly supportive. This picture seemed perfect to create a page around highlighting just that.“Fun Together”

A page filled with pictures from our MN History Center adventure last week. I was inspired by this layout by Lisa Day.And last but not least a new Smash book page. To be honest, I don’t love this page. It’s too busy to me. The background paper was really busy to start off with and then I really packed a lot on there. But I’m not going to love every page I make. That’s just the way it is. I still love the fact that I have all this stuff smashed into a book. And I do love that this page has tons of little bits collected from the various places that we visited, like the brochure from Justin’s hotel in Vegas, the bag from the gift shop at the History Center, and the card from Candyland.


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