After a crazy couple weeks around here we looking forward to life slowing down a little bit. After all, winter is supposed to be the time to indulge your hermit side and enjoy the chill time before the summer madness returns. Justin’s been traveling a lot on trips and I haven’t been able to accompany him for a variety of reasons. I’ve been keeping busy with lots of girlfriend/family time (I know, I know, rough life). But I am definitely ready for some quiet time at home now. This weekend is Justin’s birthday and it’s going to be pretty quiet since things have been so busy. I have a little date planned for us on Friday, then my family’s coming over for a joint birthday dinner for him and my mom on Saturday (their birthdays are one day apart), and Sunday it is just hang out at home and relax time. Seriously looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to the super awesome surprise birthday present I have coming on Saturday. I’ll share once it arrives. I don’t want to risk ruining the surprise cause it’s going to be epic 😉

Anywhoo, I have a few pictures to share. Cause I am crazy for my iPhone. Big time. First up, just a couple of fun pics I snapped while on a walk with the little canine kid the other day.Gotta say this last one left me even more impressed with my iPhone camera than usual. I love how it captured the ice crystals. Kind of a fun abstract pic. Never in a million years would I have anticipated a phone would take pictures like this. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my iPhone???A couple pictures of the feline kid. I love when she sleeps like this. It’s even better when she covers her eyes. She’s so cute 🙂She loves her catnip ball. So much so that she actually cuddles with it. It’s also been known to prompt fits of craziness that I thoroughly enjoy watching.And finally a picture of us beautiful Hall girls wedding dress shopping for my sister. We’re pretty cute, just sayin’. We remain on the hunt for “The” dress though…



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