Jackie’s Favorite Smash Book Things

For Etta’s birthday gift, I decided to put together “Jackie’s Favorite Smash Book Things.” It’s kind of like Oprah’s Favorite Things without the trip to Australia, but way cooler. I coerced convinced her to buy a Smash book back when I got mine because they’re fantastical so I thought it would be fun to put together a box full of the things that I love to use in my Smash book. I think I probably had more fun putting it together than she’ll actually have using it. What can I say, I’m easily amused and I love sharing my scrappy love with others. Since I had so much fun putting it together I thought I’d share it here, just to milk the fun a little more. One box filled with smashing goodness.My favorite glue. You may be wondering why in the word there’s a rubber band around it and a pin through the package. Well, the top tends to clog up with glue after awhile. It’s maddening. So I finally figured out the trick. Wrap a rubber band around the bottle and then stick a pin through the band. That way you always have the pin handy to poke through the clog. I know, I know. I’m a genius. You don’t have to say it. Problem solving is kind of a hobby of mine.Tiny alpha stickers are perfect for the Smash book size. I love to use the little word stickers. I’ve had sheets of them sitting in my stash forever and never used them a ton until I started smashing and now they get used all the time. Some little die cuts and stickers. I especially love the My Mind’s Eye stuff.Lots and lots of journaling cards printed out from the internet. I bought the Project Life turquoise digital cards and then also found lots of great freebie cards. If you’re interested, just google “project life printables” and you will find all kinds of goodies. Pinterest is also great for this. I made the little rectangles in the bottom right hand corner in Photoshop with digital scrapbook paper I had already downloaded. Super easy to make and fun to use. Did I mention great for hoarders like me cause I can always print more???And finally, all kinds of shapes cut out using my Making Memorie’s Slice. I bought a 6×6 pad of paper (perfect for this because the patterns are smaller) and then cut away. My slice was exhausted by the time I was done. Then I cut strips from the leftover pieces and border punched a bunch of them. It’s always so nice to have all of these handy. I’m constantly rummaging through my box of shapes looking for the perfect piece for what I’m working on. I get so much more use from my Slice now that I started doing this. And now that 6×6 paper pads have become so popular there’s always fun new papers to cut up!

Although this is obviously not in the box, I have to mention that one of the things I love most about smashing is adding the little bits and pieces I collect when I’m out and about. I am always on the lookout for fun things to include in my book, and it doesn’t hurt that Justin is great at finding things for me too. Here are some of the bits and pieces I collected on our museum trip last Sunday.All kinds of fun things to cut up and include in my book! And I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to find the Candyland cards. They’re pretty much made for people like me!

So there you have it, my favorite smashing items. If you aren’t into scrapbooking, sorry for boring you to tears!


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