Some iPhone Fun

Between my visit to the Minneapolis Photo Center and my free download score with Snapseed on Valentine’s Day (once again, thank you Flipboard for keeping in the loop!), I’ve been on an iPhone picture taking and editing binder, even more so than normal, which is saying a lot. Snapseed rocks. That’s all I have to say. I’m having way too much playing with it, as you may have noticed in my Valentines post.Keeping myself entertained in the car while Justin ran into the store.Paris the Explorer.I took Maggie for a walk in the snow/rain. Seriously people, this is winter??? It’s CRAZY!!!It may not have been the most pleasant walk, what with the snow/rain pelting me in the eyes, but it did make for a few fun pictures.Like these shnazzy cattails covered in rain. Because it’s 40 degrees. In Minnesota. In February. Again. Just sayin’.Turns out these boots are as good for snow/rain walks as they are for riding. And my super awesome carharts keep me dry. So when I say I’m hardcore because I go for walks in the snow/rain, I may be exaggerating in the slightest bit. But only a teeny tiny bit. Because snow/rain was pelting me in the eyes. I feel this bears repeating.


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