Happy Birthday Etta!

Once upon a time, Etta was a little barn brat at the barn when I was an old barn brat (for the record, I am now permanently an old barn brat. Please regard me with the correct amount of esteem).Then I sold her Twister and we became closer. I was so blessed that she bought Twister from me because it allowed me to continue to see my baby. I was able to continue to ride her, go to shows with Etta, and maintain a connection with both her and the barn. And it meant that, as hard as it was, I was able to say goodbye when she passed away. I also ended up with a great friend out of the deal. Never has selling a horse been such a wonderful thing.After Twister passed away, Etta and I decided to buy Lily together. We’re the perfect fit. I love show horses but don’t really love showing. Etta loves to show. Pretty much perfect. We’ve had so much fun together already with our not so little girl and I can’t wait to see Etta get out there and show her this year!Over the years since she first bought Twister, she has become an integral part of my family, both horse and real time. We’ve traveled together, spent hundreds of hours riding together, shown together. Pretty much we’ve done everything together.She is my fellow English major, the one I can yammer on and on to about whatever book I’m reading. We kind of have our own personal book club. It’s awesome. Not everyone has a friend that they analyze books with while riding their horse. Like I said, awesome.I couldn’t ask for a better friend or fellow horse momma.So happy birthday Etta! Thanks for always being there for me and being such a great friend. Love ya!


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