February 12

As promised, my 12 pictures for the 12th of February. We went out to lunch and to the MN History Center to see the 1968 exhibit so it was a full day with lots of photo opportunities. That’s the fun thing about this project. Since it’s a single date each month it’s a totally random sampling of life. It’s going to be really fun to see the whole year put together in December!My monthly picture out the window. I know this is boring but it’ll be fun to see them all together at the end of the year, you’ll see.Starting out with lunch at the Eagle Street Grill. This pic is blurry and isn’t part of my 12 but it will go in a scrapbook somewhere, just small so you don’t notice the blurriness so much 😉 The restaurant is ganster themed which is a popular theme in our family. What can I say, we love our mob bosses. The cover of the menu had a quote from back in the day that said, “If you haven’t seen a criminal in a couple months, they’re either in prison or in St. Paul.” We kinda like our city’s criminal past. I mean, you know how I feel about history…Downtown St. PaulMy main squeeze.Waiting in line. For a long time. Thank goodness for smart phones! They even had a bar code you could scan to open up a website filled with a timeline for 1968 to get you started while you waited.Checking out the “Greatest Generation” exhibit. Playing pretend at the soda shop. There was lot’s of playing at the History Center. Pin the tail on the donkey, hopscotch, music trivia. I won everything. Just saying 😉Ahhh 1960s home decor…My favorite picture of the day. Love these old cars. I actually really want to go to Cuba just so I can take tons of pictures of them. Seriously. Have you seen the pictures of Cuba? Awesome. One of these days we are gonna hit it up with my dad. Cause we’re rebellious like that. Super hard core rebels. Anyone who knows me would say that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. Oh yeah. I feel like I may have strayed off topic here a bit, and reality… Moving on.Another one that’s not actually in my 12 but will be scrapped. The four of us in front of the giant Minnesota postcard. Cause we’re awesome.A stop at Candyland on the way home. Pure deliciousness. And eye candy. YUMMMMM!!!!!!

There’s a few more than 12 here but it was an exciting day with lots to take pictures of! Lots of fun stuff to scrap!


3 thoughts on “February 12

  1. Love the picture out of the window idea for each month! I like “what’s going on in our world” type stuff. You had a perfect day for photos! Sounds like it was fun.

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