Justin takes me scrapbook shopping whenever I want (remember I’m super cheap frugal so I do keep it under control), way more than any man should ever be expected to. He spends an admirable amount of time in Archivers/Joanns/Michaels for a dude, all the while giving me opinions on what is cool and helping me to actually buy said cool things. In fact, I really can’t shop without him. I have actually gone to Archivers and found nothing that I liked, only to return on the same day with Justin and filled a basket with all kinds of goodies. Once again, I have issues. His shopping with me is something that makes me feel really loved, and I feel extra loved all over again when I use the products because it reminds me of shopping together. It’s one of those weird little things that means a lot to me.

So, on with the story. A couple weeks ago, Justin went to Bismark for a few days for work. He returned with a pile of Thickers from Hobby Lobby as a surprise for me.That’s right. My super awesome husband who goes scrapbook shopping with me more than I would ever expect him to actually went scrappy shopping for me all by himself. It should also be noted that Thickers are a scrappy supply that I consider to be a special treat because they are on the spendy side. Sufficient to say I feel even more loved than usual every time I look at these sitting on my desk. I am a lucky girl indeed.


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