Mall Dates

Justin and I love our Mall of America dates. There just really isn’t anything quite like it in the middle of winter in Minnesota. Where else can you wander around without freezing?Feels like a little taste of summer.Of course the wandering is even more delightful when it includes a Jamba Juice. Oh the deliciousness!A trip to Sea Life Park to visit the sharks and sea turtles makes mall dates extra fun. After this date we are officially Sea Life Park members which means we will be spending lots of time with our ocean friends! They’re even getting baby alligators this spring. Be still my beating heart.Fun story from our trip through the aquarium; there was an adorable little girl in there with her parents who was afraid of the sharks. When her dad walked up she said, “Are you scared too?” in the cutest voice ever, to which he responded with an explanation of how glass works. Then she looked up at her mom and said, “Get me outta here!”. I died.A delicious dinner is an essential part of a mall date. Safe to say that after our dinner at the new restaurant, Stir Crazy, we will be eating there a lot. It was amazing. Totally amazing. These crab cake hand rolls were one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back and have more!

I’m so thankful that we have a place like the Mall of America for winter dates. I may spend my days dreaming of a date on a beach but this is a pretty good option for this Minnesota girl!


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