Camera+Babies=Happy Jackie

My family has been doing a bit of growing over the last year and today I was able to get some pictures of the new additions. To say that my two new little second cousins are adorable would be a major understatement. And they are just the sweetest babies to be around!Meet baby Owen. He is the newest edition, my cousin and his wife’s first baby, who arrived in December. He makes the most serious pouty faces while he sleeps.He slept like a champ through our crazy family noise, all the while entertaining us with the most serious of faces. And meet Addison, aka Addie, the first baby of my cousin and her husband, who just so happen to live ten minutes away from me. I sense a babysitting role in my future… And I couldn’t pick a sweeter baby to babysit.She is nothing but smiles all day long. Well, that and some pretty serious tongue action. She is very into rolling right now. She is just too cute!The three Owens in our family, my dad, uncle and my second cousin. And we thought things were confusing when there were just two Owens and us cousins could never figure out who’s uncle Owen the other was talking about!My aunt Bonnie, aka Grandma to the two new little ones.In our family we definitely balance our kids on one hand as soon as possible.And let the dog handle clean up duty. It’s a fend for yourself kind of family 😉The new cousins!


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