Weekend Review

It was a pretty nice, lazy, laid back weekend around here, which is exactly the kind of weekend I crave in the winter months. On Friday we hung out at home and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I tend to feel pretty run down after my infusions so I try not to make any plans for those Fridays. Sitting at home watching a good movie is perfect for those days. On Saturday, we went to church and then went on a double date to dinner and a movie. My friend and I had read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close a year ago and LOVED it so we were excited to check out the movie. The movie was good, but the book is AMAZING so I highly recommend reading it before you see the movie. The movie was much sadder than the book was, even though the book covers even more heavy material. Somehow the book is just lighter and more endearing. I can’t really explain it, but if you read it you’ll understand, and totally thank me for introducing you to one of the most amazing books ever. Just sayin’. Anyways, the boys weren’t exactly chomping at the bit to see our movie as you can probably imagine so they went to see Underworld.Aren’t they adorable in their super cool 3D glasses??? Oh how these two love each other. There was even some talk of shared slurpies… Should I be worried??? 😉 Anywhoo, they had lots of fun watching vampires and werewolves fighting while we cried our way through our movie. I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty good double date formula.

On Sunday I was supposed to go to Albert Lea with my dad and cousin for a sleepover at my aunts and a funeral Monday morning. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, plans filled with ice falling from the sky. It was a bummer because we were all looking forward to our sleepover and I would have really liked to be at the funeral for my uncle. Ahhh Minnesota in the winter. Two months of balmy snow free weather and then the one day you need to go somewhere it brings on the nastiness. But Justin and I ended up having a lovely Sunday evening at home, complete with a steak dinner, some cribbage (in which I smoked Justin. Whoop whoop!), a movie and some reading. If you play cribbage, take a moment to appreciate this hand. Oh yes, I rocked the cribbage. We don’t need to mention the fact that I still need Justin to double check my cards for points I missed, right???

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Nothing terribly exciting, just a nice relaxing few days which are hard to find these days.

And then this morning, I woke to the mind blowing sight of white stuff out our window.So that’s what winter’s supposed to look like… Of course, it couldn’t have picked a better time to show up. I missed my trip to Albert Lea and Justin had to cancel his appointment today after it took him an hour to go ten miles. Gotta love this crazy state! I think… Or maybe we are just crazy and should have moved away decades ago…


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