Why My Iphone Rocks

Because I always have a camera handyso I never miss a photo op.The everyday, the little things that don’t typically include a camera, get captured.The lazy weekend mornings.The errands.The simple day to day. They all get captured. And that makes the photographer and scrapbooker in me very, very happy. And yes, my animals end up in lots and lots of pictures. But this is what my life looks like! And they are willing subjects 🙂

And to make it even better, I can edit them right there on my phone! No more boredom when I’m waiting for something. I just whip out my phone and start editing, and they are ready to go when I want to print them. Such a time saver!

*Disclaimer: This is only one of the multitude of reasons why my Iphone rocks. Just so we’re clear.


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