The Weather’s Got Me Thinking…

The windchill was somewhere around 20 below around here today. Now, I’m not complaining. We have been more than lucky in the warm winter weather department this year. But it does have me dreaming of warmer, brighter places.Like the Bahamas for example.Preferably Atlantis.Where our beloved night walks include kisses in front of shark tanks,dream boats, Jamba Juice,and the most amazing aquarium in the world.Where waterslides go down Mayan temples and through shark tanks,and lazy rivers come with ten foot waves.Where dolphins give you hugs,and the ocean is the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen.Where I get to spend all day with my incredibly handsome hubby making the most amazing memories.Where manta rays blow your mind,and you can spend your days looking at adorable fish while riding water slides.Yep, this weather definitely has me thinking about Atlantis. It was our dream vacation, and still is. Can’t wait to go back! Especially when the weather looks like this.


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