Think Less, Create More

Well, we’re 18 days into the new year and I have to say, I’m doing both terribly and wonderfully at my new years resolution. Not doing so great on the thinking less part. I tend to go in spurts where I over-analyze every word I say and spend my days worrying that something I said came out wrong, that someone is upset with me for whatever reason, that my text message was taken in the wrong tone… Right now I am deep into it. It’s a ridiculous battle in my brain. I’m working on it, but it just feels like more of an uphill battle right now. My brain works too hard! Now if it would just work to hard on things that were actually beneficial…

On the creating more front though, I’d say I’m doing pretty well. I’m having lots of fun with my scrappy and crochet projects right now and I have the whole next two days to do nothing but play with paper, glue and yarn. I may try to squeeze a little house cleaning in there, but otherwise, it’s me time (which means crafty time)! Justin’s out of town and it’s FREEZING outside so I’m locking myself in. No makeup, jammies all day. It’s going to be epic. I’m a little afraid that my excitement over staying inside is a symptom of my aging…

Anywhoo, here are some recent scrappy shares. I don’t do a lot of two page layouts but I had so many pictures that I wanted to use for this one that it was the only way to go. I’m really loving the whole grid thing for my pages. A page using some pictures I took of Lily last fall. She’s so pretty šŸ™‚My layout for the Take 12/12 of 12 challenge. I decided to keep this one simple and skip the descriptions of each picture since they’re pretty self explanatory. I may change that up in the months to come. Sorry it’s a little crooked. I’m getting better at photographing my layouts but I still have a ways to go!A smash page with lots of randomness on it. Some quotes I read recently and liked, a picture I took of Lily while riding last week, pictures of me getting my juice along with my super classy hospital wristband.This smash page turned into more of a journal type page which I kinda like. I think that’s the fun part of this kind of project, that it can be all kinds of different things in one. So I journaled about how the barn at night is one of my favorite places to be, about my morning routine with Paris on my lap, used some pictures from a lazy weekend morning, and shared a little detail of life in the hotel while Justin’s working. All kind of everyday bits of life. I love it!And finally, a smash book about Maggie being my little sidekick with a picture of us running errands and a receipt from that day. I’m loving the freedom of this project, how it’s a home for all kinds of random things that really do make up our life right now. Having said that, I must admit that I am having a little bit of project envy right now over the whole Project Life thing. It looks so fun to fill in all those little pockets, all the mini-canvases. Yes, these are the kinds of things us scrapbookers stay up late at night thinking about. We are an odd breed I suppose. I’m staying off the bandwagon right now, thanks in no small part to my girls talking me off the ledge on Monday. I do think it’s the kind of project that I would love for the first month or so but then tire of quickly, finding it more of a chore than a fun thing. But I’m keeping an eye on it and maybe I’ll try it out down the road…


2 thoughts on “Think Less, Create More

  1. You are indeed doing well on the creating part!!! I love love love the grid!

    The thinking part is much harder for sure. I, am blessed to not have the problem of worrying what others think. I probably should just a tad, but I don’t, never have. All you can do is try to be the best person you can. You can’t control how others will or might take something out of context or worry what they’ll think, that’s on them. And I have a feeling you are a very kind person who thinks of others first so I can’t imagine you saying something that would bother someone.

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