I learned about this fun new photography/scrapbooking project yesterday and decided to jump on board. It has lots of different names. 12 of 12 on facebook and #Take12 on instagram are the two that I’ve seen so far. Basically the idea is that you take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and then scrapbook it. A super fun and simple way to capture daily life. I’m planning on doing a 12×12 layout each month with my pictures and then putting all of the layouts together at the front of my regular scrapbook for the year. I think it’ll be fun to look at them all together at the end of the year. So, here are my 12 from month number one.

1. Our morning ritual, reading my blogs/email/facebook/news on my ipad while Paris cuddles in my lap

2. This picture of Maggie looking over the laundry cracks me up. She can always be found snuggled in amongst the clothes piles.

3. Self-portrait

4. My handsome hubby hard at work

5. The view from one of our windows. Not too interesting right now with all the lovely brown but I think it’ll be fun to take a picture from the same spot each month to show the change over the seasons. Maybe next month we’ll actually have some snow…

6. Bath time for Maggie. Not her favorite thing in the world.

7. Cleaning day. Not my favorite thing in the world but oh how I love a clean house.

8. My weakness. I try to be good. I really do. But it just tastes so good!

9. My new book about a leper colony in Hawaii at the turn of the 20th century. Loving it!

10. Ole makes a bed of hay look like the most comfortable place in the world.

11. Putzin’ around bareback on Lily tonight. Too cold to work hard!

12. I love the barn at night. So peaceful.


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