New Projects for a New Year

2012 is off to a very creative start. I’ve been crafting away and the ideas have been overflowing. I love it! One of my new projects for this year is a Smash Book take on Project Life. For those of you not familiar with the scrapbook lingo I’m tossin’ around here, Smash Books are basically like old school scrapbooks, where you just paste in all kinds of pictures and memorabilia. Project Life is a concept started by Becky Higgins that revolves around the idea of documenting the everyday. Some people call it project 365 and take a picture everyday, where others do more of a weekly overview, and so on. My version is going to be a very loose translation of that combined with the Smash Book concept. Basically, it’s going to house all the iphone pictures I take of just ordinary life, the pictures that don’t have enough of a story to make up an entire scrapbook layout, like picture 2,348 of Maggie. I take lots of pictures that I want to print but I don’t necessarily want to make an entire page around them. And if I did, my scrapbook would explode. I will still be working on my scrapbooks the same as always, this will just be in addition. My goal is to turn my Smash Book/Project Life into a scrapbook/journal that really reflects the little stuff that makes up our life. So, without further adieu I present my 2012 Smash Book.

My opening page. The journaling reads “This is the place for the bits and pieces that make up our life. The iphone photos, the movie tickets, the favorite quote, the lyrics I love. It’s the place for the thousand little memories that make up our year. No rules. Just fun, documenting the ordinary that makes our life extraordinary.”I’ve also been getting crazy with my new years resolution to learn to crochet. Sufficient to say I’m hooked (haha! note the pun. I crack myself up). I think I’m just addicted to string of all shapes and sizes. First embroidery thread, now yarn… I’ve been making flowers and snowflakes to use on my scrapbook pages. Next up, a hat. If that goes well, I plan on starting to crochet lots of hats and maybe even blankets and mittens (they look a little hard so we’ll see…) to send to Afghanistan. I’ve really been wanting to volunteer but our travel schedule makes it impossible for me to commit to anything. This might be just the ticket. Aren’t they fun? They’re certainly not perfect but I’m practicing lots and lots and you know what they say, practice makes perfect. I will have flowers coming out of my ears by the time I’m done practicing. Lol!



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