My Girls

My girls crack me up. Seriously. They are just so goofy, all three of them. Lily is such a big oaf, always looking at me like I expect soooo much from her. And as if that’s not a strong enough hint, she yawns about 15 times before and after every ride. Oh yes, overflowing with energy that one is. She loves to stretch her lips out like an elephant whenever you give her a treat, starting the lip stretch the second I reach into my grooming box after a ride. Like she knows it’s coming or something… She sleeps with her legs sticking straight out and snores/grunts/groans while twitching the entire time. Mind you she is not a small horse by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a well known fact that if it sounds like there’s a grizzly in the barn, Lily’s taking a nap. And it doesn’t bother her in the least if there are people around. She can be at an overnight show, in a strange place, in the middle of the day with people everywhere. Nothing disrupts her sleep time. I wish I was so lucky!She loves food, in a major way. And like me, she finds it quite difficult to eat without wearing at least some of it. I mean obviously the best hay is at the very bottom of the round bale and it would only make sense to burrow one’s head all the way down to find it. Or so she seems to believe anyways… I love this horse. So much. She has the best personality and I just couldn’t be happier that she is part of our family.And this one? Well, let me put it this way. The other night I reached up and discovered a bone hidden in our bed. You see, the real treasures get “buried” throughout the house, complete with a covering of “dirt.” Once the treasure has been hidden, Maggie proceeds to be completely stressed out for the rest of the day as she checks on it over and over again. And should you even look in the general direction of the hiding spot? Well, the process will start all over again, except with more stress. Sometimes though, when she’s decided she just can’t make her treasure safe enough, she takes the entire thing down in one sitting, all the while eying you suspiciously as though you may steal it. Never mind the fact that I’m the one who gave it to her in the first place. I’m afraid I may have passed on my hoarding issues…She’s the life of the party and makes sure to work the room whenever we have company over, going from one person to the next to play fetch, then cuddle. She wastes no time winning over anyone who walks through our door.And last but certainly not least we have our catnip addict. If there was an AA for catnip, I’d have her enrolled. We got her a catnip plant for Christmas and she started eating it like a crazed animal! Once I dared take it away from her, she started following me around meowing like she was dying. Like I said, she has a problem. But oh the fun we have watching her play with her newly catnip filled toys. She jumps around and throws her toys across the room, cuddles with them for a few seconds, and then attacks again, periodically looking up at us with worry that we may have busted her in very unladylike behavior.

These three girls truly our such a great addition to our lives. They fill our days with laughter and joy. What more can you ask for from four legged kids?


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