December Daily Installment 4

Only a few more pages until I’m done with my December Daily is complete! I’m feeling pretty good about how well I kept up with this project and I am really excited to make this a yearly tradition. It’s going to be so much fun to look back on these over the years and cherish the memories.Sorry about the glare on some of these pictures. I really wanted to photography them in the actual book but it’s hard to avoid the glare from the page protectors. Anyways, the left side is a page about our dinner date with our neighbors/friends. I used the picture they put on their baptism invite since I didn’t take any pictures. And on the rights side I finally succumbed to the new confetti trend. I think I’m in love.A page about “right now,” including my embarrassing love for Beiber’s song “Mistletoe.” I can’t help it. It’s awesome.Haven’t embroidered on a page for awhile so I thought it was time to bust out the needle and embroidery thread.Scrapping our Christmas with Justin’s family.A picture Havana drew of her riding Lily. Love that I was able to include this. It’s one of those things that will be so much fun to look back on in the years to come.Our Christmas and a little page with our movie tickets and a mini copy of the poster for the movie we went to see the next night.The program from our Christmas service at church and a page about our Christmas Eve Eve.Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


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